Football in Europe, the restart schedule

Football in Europe, the restart schedule

The table of the restart of European football: we start again in Germany, Hungary and Serbia, waiting for Italy, England and Spain

The German locomotive could eventually restart the ball. With Angela Merkel’s yes to the resumption of the Bundesliga, football in Europe still has no certainties, given that the main node remains to guarantee the possibility that the championships will reach the finish line without new interruptions, but now has a timetable. Elsewhere you are about to start playing like in South Korea or it has never stopped like in Belarus and Nicaragua. In the continent, the order is spread in a similar way to what happens with the EU in other areas, for this reason it is necessary to put some order between countries that are leaving, countries waiting to start again and countries that have stopped definitively. Here is a table to try and find your way around European football between now and next month.

Leaving championships

Faroe Islands – It will be the first championship to restart on 9 May.
Germany – After obtaining government consent, the Bundesliga will restart on May 16, the German cup will also be played.
Hungary – It starts again with the national cup on 23 May, championship from 30 May.
Portugal – Pending the decision of the ministry of health, the government has confirmed that it will restart on 30 May.
Serbia – The championship will resume on May 30th but with a new formula without playoffs and playouts.
Turkey – Superlig will start again on June 12th.
Finland – The championship is scheduled to resume on July 1st.

Championships pending

Italy – Training resumed from 4 May but there is no date for the championship.
Spain – Training resumed from 4 May, here too many doubts about the date to start again with the championship.
England – The June 9 date for the Premier League has been speculated but many teams are not convinced to start again.
Russia – The hypotheses for the restart foresee the dates of 21 or 28 June.
Switzerland – Training will resume from 11 May, the decision on the championship will be made on 27 May.

Championships concluded

France – Ligue 1 closed on April 28, awarding the title to the PSG.
Netherlands – Eredivisie declared the season ended on April 24th.
Belgium – The Jupiler Pro League confirmed on 6 May the decision not to start the championship again, there is a window to complete the national cup in August.