Sandsbro AIK vs Ingelstads Free Betting Tips

Sandsbro AIK vs Ingelstads Free Betting Tips

We are going to have yet another confrontation between Swedish teams in this phase of preparation for the start of the competitive season with Sandsbro AIK hosting Ingelstads IK, in a match where it will certainly be very difficult to predict what will happen.

The Sandsbro AIK is active in the 7th Swedish division, Division 5 Smaland Sodra Herr.

They are a team that, last season, guaranteed the division up after an excellent season in which they won most of their games and by only 1 point were not champions in the playoff qualification.

This is a set that has the habit of making many goals, but against inferior competition of course. At the defensive level, they only conceded 24 goals the entire year in 23 games, which is clearly good at whatever level.

Ingelstads IK is active in the 6th Swedish division, Division 4 Småland Sydvästra Herr.

They are a team that had a lot of difficulties last season and only guaranteed to stay in this division on the last day, and even so they benefited from a totally abnormal victory against the first placed team that had already moved up the division.

They are a set that at a historical level shows horrible defensive skills, conceding almost 3 goals per match and scoring 2 per game as well. It presents a whole Swedish set according to the information I was able to collect.

Sandsbro AIK vs Ingelstads Free Betting Tips

Although they are in different divisions, I do not know if the discrepancy will be that big since one team comes from the top and the other comes completely in reverse. I believe that playing at home, Sandsbro AIK should not concede 4 goals.

Betting Tips: Ingelstads Under 3.5 goals
Odds: 1.42