Dinamo Zagreb – Istra 1961 Betting Picks 3 AUG-2018

Dinamo Zagreb, the champion of the last season, is definitely ranked with the first chance to win due to many aspects related to the batch experience, the individual value of the player or his own field. The champion did not make a debut as he had thought of the new season, especially since he came after an extremely important success in UCL, in front of Beer Sheva. The Croats have managed to double the Israelis and are thus qualified in a new tour of the Champions League. In the championship, however, even in the first game, they confused themselves in front of the ones from Rudes, the score of the game being 1-1, quite unfair if we look at the game provided by Dinamo. However, the champion has the force to come back, and certainly the victory is more than safe.

Istra 1961, the guest of this game, comes on the field at Dinamo Zagreb with the desire to pull out at least one point in this confrontation. The team headed by the Spaniard Marquez debuted in the new season with a home equity match against Slaven Belupo, score 1-1, but things are not good for the green. They are known to avoid relegation every season, and certainly this time, things will be the same because the game provided by Istra is more than the second echelon. This evening’s guests have much to aim for if they do not want to receive much in this trip.

Croatian football en-titre champion has great chances tonight to check the first season’s victory, but it is still at the hand of Dinamo Zagreb footballers against Istra. Especially after qualifying for the next elimination phase, at this point, players have clear minds and can concentrate fully on the championship game they promise to play, especially as they have to straighten the disappointment in the first stage, right in front of supporters.

Prediction of the day:They will score between two and four goals