Football Prediction Dukla Praga vs Viktoria Plzen

Football Prediction Dukla Praga vs Viktoria Plzen.

The champion opens the first stage of the new season.

The first round of the Czech Republic’s new season will be played this Friday from 19:30 on the Nalujisce stadium in Prague. We will have a duel between Dukla Prague and Viktoria Plzen, two bands ready to debut with the right. The offensive game of the two bands according to the statistics of the season and the training period respectively will provide a spectacle worth watching for football fans.

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Dukla Prague, the host of this dispute, is ranked second with the chance to win the match, although it will have its own field, the group of players is incomparably weaker than that of the Czech champion. The team led by Hynek is a rather modest formation in the Czech championship, which year after year ranked halfway with high chances to approach the relegation area. Just last season had 2 points over the red area, so Dukla Prague has a new chance to score higher at the end of this championship. Hynek’s players remain in the same offensive tactics they applied last year, provided the defense is stronger in order not to win even so many goals. Cottbus and Hertha managed to beat the Prague team in friendly matches, being the most notable bands in this training period.

Viktoria Plzen, the Czech champion, is ready to start right in the new season that I hope to finish and this time with a trophy. Last year it ended perfectly for Vrba, which won the title with 66 points, being 7 points behind the second position. Since then, things have not changed much for Plzen who has largely retained the footballers with whom he has attacked the European Cups and hopes that by maintaining homogeneity he will have the same success internally, and one more spy on the outside. Czech Krmencik stayed for another year at Vrba’s team who although he had a few offers from abroad refused to leave the club that formed him, his dream being to qualify with Plzen in the UCL group. The training period was extremely productive for the champion who won most of the matches, the only defeat being against Dynamo Kiev.

Guests start with the first chance in this first-round duel, but things do not seem to be that simple in practice if we think about the fact that the debut in the new season is a big one even for a champion. I believe, however, that Viktoria Plzen has the ability to cross Dukla Prague, but the most predictive one would be the one on goals, both of which have the ability to perform in this first stage.

Bet Tip: 2 soloists
Odds: 1.71
Betting Tip: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.83