KUPS – Copenhagen Europa League 12 July 2018

KUPS – Copenhagen Europa League

The Danes start with the first chance.

The qualifying qualifiers of the Europa League are also on this Thursday’s day, with several major teams being played. One of these is Copenhagen, the Danish formation that year-long struggles in a European Cup. They are playing in these qualifiers against those from KUPS, a team working in the Finnish Championship. The first tour will be played in the Finnish realm, the game being scheduled from 19:00.

KUPS – Copenhagen Soccer Prediction for Today

KUPS, the host team of this qualifier tour, will have an almost impossible mission with the Danish team. This band is the first experience of this kind, but hopes not to have too much emotion to try as far as possible to practice a beautiful football. KUPS finished second in the last season, however, being quite a big difference in the first position. KUPS is a formation that wants not to stay too much in the defense area. The explosion of this team comes from the players on the band, especially as its style is played through the offensive system 4-3-3, a tactic that can guarantee their success. The fact that I’m in full season and the players have enough matches standing, being in third place in the championship with 31 goals scored so far give hope to the Finns that they can make a big game.

Copenhagen, the prominent guest in the tour of these qualifying ops, will meet KUPS. Danes have an important experience in European Cups, which can count decisively for qualifying even without a very well-established batch. Copenhagen year after year is fighting in the top league, Champions League, but the season that just ended did not give that chance, Sollbaken’s team just finished fourth. The training campaign for the new season started, the technical team tries as far as possible to correct the mistakes of the previous championship. The four friendly games where new game systems have been attempted have been auspicious for footballers and coaches, trying as far as possible to stay for the match tonight.

The Danes leave their favorite favors both in winning the game and in qualifying because they are still a team with great experience in European Cups, which can count decisively in difficult moments of play. Betting houses offer a very good share in the Copenhagen victory that I believe is impressive. Forecasting goals can also be a variant if we look at defensive issues that still exist in the Danes, and the very good attack of the Finnish band.

Prediction of the Day: 2 soloists
Odds: 1.57
Prediction Today: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 2.00