France – Belgium World Cup Semi Final 10 July

France – Belgium World Cup Semi Final

The first semi-finals of the World Cup in Russia will be given between France and Belgium. The French were among the favorites of winning this prestigious competition long before; Belgians succeed in reaching the stages of a major competition after a long time, confirming that they are benefiting from one of the most talented generations of European football. Having managed to defeat Brazil in the quarter-finals, there would be no great cause for concern to the French neighbors; which last round surpassed Uruguay. These two selections have played three friendly games in the seven-year-old Ulysses, finished with two white draws and a Belgian victory in 2015 in Paris with a score of 4-3.


Despite the fact that he will again have a difficult opponent in the semi-finals, the bookmakers consider his favorite; in this game to be held in St. Petersburg. We recall the fact that the French finish first in the group, after winning Austria and Peru, and draws with Denmark and in the elimination stages of Argentina and Uruguay. I manage to score an impressive number of six goals in the last two disputes; winning 4-3 in front of the Argentines, perhaps the most interesting game of this edition, and 2-0 against the Uruguayans. Matuidi returns after suspension, replacing Tolisso, and Umtiti seems to be ready for the game after injury.


Just like France, Belgians benefit from a large number of highly talented individual players, their generation seems more united and eager for great performance. Victoria in front of Brazil with 2-1 confirmed our intentions in this World Cup; in optimi meet Japan and manage to return a two-goal difference, winning the game with 3-2. The Belgians have done well in the group, having made a mistake, wins with Panama, Tunisia and England. Having scored 14 goals in this season, he is ranked first in the ranking of efficiency, being an additional concern for his semi-final opponent. Their attack side benefits from an excused trio consisting of Hazard, Lukaku and Bruynne. Martinez’s selection will most likely not evolve major changes in the team.

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