Ingolstadt 04 – Eintracht Braunschweig (PREDICTION 04.12.2017)

Prediction: Ingolstadt 04 win @ 1.60

Ingolstadt 04 – Eintracht Braunschweig – In the finals of the first part of the season in the “cvajti” it becomes clear that Ingolstadt will struggle for an expressive return to the club’s best and for the time being the fifth, but the points difference is not too big, although the leader on the table flees seven points, just as much as they have more than Braunschweig, which obviously follows a struggle for survival. Accordingly, the result has been in recent times, so Ingolstadt has eight unbeaten matches, and Braunschweig has only one triumph in the same period. The last two rounds were played in 2015 and ended without a goal.

Ingolstadt 04
The season after the departure from the company of the best Ingolstadt began with three related defeats and it seemed that there was nothing since their return to the elite, however, as the championship came to play they are getting better and now that return does not seem so unattainable. In addition to having passed the eighth cup final, they also made seven first-leg matches in which no bent heads left the field, and in that series were only two rows, with five wins.
They also had a series of four wins that had been interrupted by the last lap of the lap, however, they made him away at the Kiel leaders and can certainly be satisfied with that achievement. They were even closer to winning because they dominated and all this is really encouraging and ahead of this spectacle. Lezcano and Christiansen were refreshed after a minimal victory over Fortuna, but we are now again looking forward to the team of Cohen and Kutschke.

Eintracht Braunschweig
Braunschweig said the championship began with a long line without defeat and only in the eighth round they lost for the first time, but in that row they were five times unbeaten and did not make a particularly good stock of points for that. After that, they are less likely to win, they lose more and more, but they are still the highest ranks, so the total number of record players is nine times unresolved. More than a month have been without a triumph, more accurately than a domestic defeat against Bochum, and then three remixes and then home defeat from Nurnberg in the last round.
They managed to turn the result back and take 2: 1 to lose 3: 2 in the end. Similar to Arminie, where they reversed the result and took over, with the duel ended at 2: 2. After Bielefeld was replaced by Becker on the right side of Sauer, and Kijewski replaced Oz.Yildir in the middle line. It is a big question as far as Lieberknecht’s coach is happy with the performance in the last round and could get back to change, and he definitely can not count on the injured Baffo, Bolanda and Kumbel.