Anaheim Ducks – Toronto Maple Leafs (PREDICTION 02.11.2017)

Prediction: Anaheim Ducks win @ 1.80

Anaheim Ducks – Toronto Maple Leafs – After the bad start of the season, Anaheim team has improved their game recently and this match is in a good mood. Unlike Anaheim, Toronto’s team played well at the start of the championship, but they have been starting to play badly lately.

Anaheim Ducks
When they met in Duck and Nashville last season, they all expected Anaheim and Pittsburg to play in the final. However, the Predators showed that they did not come to the conference finale for a reason and eventually managed to beat Duck. In the new season, Anaheim has only one goal, which is to reach the very end. The championship was opened by a domestic victory over Arizona, but then in the next two domestic matches they experienced defeats from Philadelphia and Calgary.
And in the fourth round they were hosts, but this time they won the Islanderis. And in the next chase, the Anaheim players continued with the changeable parties. They were first lost from Colorado and Buffalo, to celebrate Montreal and Philadelphia. After the two tie-ups suffered a tough defeat of Orlando by 8: 3. In the last two laps, they improved their game and won the Lightning and Caroline teams. After four games at home, they are now returning to their home where they will try to win a third win with the help of fans.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Last season Toronto ended after the first round of play off the defeat of Washington and it is sure that this year will try to achieve the best placement on the table, to get an easier opponent in the playoffs. They opened the new season very well, and in the first three wins they scored the same number of wins. The first defeat they experienced in the fourth round on the domestic field of the Devil. However, this did not disturb many Toront players who scored the same number of victories in the next three games.
They were the first to celebrate against Montreal and Washington, and then they were better off in Detroit. After a great start and six wins in seven games played, the Toronto hockey players started to play bad games. In the next five games they have experienced four defeats. After winning the Los Angeles Kings, in the past three wins they lost to Caroline, Philadelphia and San Jose Sharks. They have a very tough schedule in the coming period as they will be visiting Anaheim, Kings and St. Louis Bluesima.